From our Street Bodhi Friends at Solar Youth

We spent the month of March celebrating and learning more about Mindfulness! We think practicing Mindfulness is awesome, but we’ll let them tell you themselves!


“During mindfulness, I was thinking of the ocean because sometimes the ocean be really quiet. I felt calm. – Ty’Jhuan “Ty-Ty,” a Westville Manor Steward Team member, sharing his experience with mindfulness. Quotes like this one remind us of the power and potential that mindfulness holds for our young people!


Newhallville Citycology steward Trayonna, a second grader at King/Robinson Magnet.¬†Trayonna displays a picture she made for her educator following a challenging program day. In her picture she wrote “Take a deep, deep, deep breath and make yourself at peace. Take 10 deep, DEEP!! breaths & think of a good time in your life.” Stewards practice breathing exercises regularly as a part of mindfulness and learning helpful conflict resolution strategies. We are inspired in seeing the benefits Trayonna has reaped from mindfulness and we hope you all are inspired as well!