200 Hour Grad Greg Nigro talks 108 Monkeys and the “108 Experience”


Greg Nigro, 200 Hour RYT

108 Monkeys 200 Hour 2018 Graduate


I wanted to become a yoga instructor because yoga changed my life and I was so enthusiastic about it that I wanted to be able to share it with others and let them experience all the great things about it.


The whole “108 Experience” of the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training was amazing. One especially memorable moment was in the last weeks we had to teach each other 30 minute yoga classes.  After I taught my class my fellow yogis were so supportive; I felt a sense of pride knowing all my passion and effort I put into the training and my practice had paid off.


It’s only been three months since graduation, and I’m already teaching yoga in a studio. I can’t lie, you may hear a few phrases in my classes that I’ve snagged from Peg, Liz & Courtney!  But I really took to heart their message to “find your own voice.”  That is something I keep working on. I want my class to be as authentic as possible.   


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