Our home Base Bodhis. Our partner organizations, like schools, clinics and day care centers serving high need populations, open their world to us. They choose staff to train and use yoga and mindfulness in their work and in their own lives for the benefit of all staff and clients/students.



The Monkeys of 108. The heart of our outreach is you; yoga practitioners and yoga teachers who want to be a part of bringing yoga into the community. Yoga practitioners from the local community commit to a process of training, community education, introspection and active outreach at our partner sites.



Evaluate, contemplate and evolve. Best practices and empirical reflection ensure our programs pack a measurable impact. All of our programs are built on evidence-based practice. We comb the existing research on yoga’s impact, attend and present at research conferences and design our trainings and outreach based on what the results tells us works best. We evaluate all of our programs and share our results with the service yoga community.