You love yoga. You do yoga. Maybe you even teach yoga but maybe you don’t. And you want to train with 108 Monkeys and participate in an outreach project. Welcome to Street Bodhis-in-Training!

Think Peace Corp of yoga. Unlike other trainings where, once you are trained, you are on your own to find a site to do your thing, we give you the opportunity to be part of planting seeds of change and helping to nurture real transformation. With us you get training, peers, feedback, and real life changing experience in organizations that understand our process and respect our practices. And you’ll do a lot of yoga too.

Street Bodhis-in-Training are individuals who understand that yoga is service and that the actualization of the one relies on the health of the whole. One year of yoga experience is required; yoga certification is NOT needed. 15 Hours Yoga Alliance credits are available for each program.

Step 1. Complete a Training with 108 Monkeys
Learn the ropes! The first and mandatory step in becoming a Street Bodhi is to participate in one of our yoga trainings. Many experienced and amazing practitioners and teachers join our programs; we still require everyone to train with us. For your good and the good of our partner organizations, we make sure that when we send you into our sites, you are familiar with staff and organization culture, informed in practices appropriate to that site and are using results based and trauma sensitive tools. Not only that, but our trainings are an opportunity to learn about the community you will be placed in, meet your team, evolve a shared sense of mission and have a really fun time. Also, all of our hired teachers must have completed a 108 Monkeys training.
Step 2. Join an Outreach Team
You are not alone! You will be placed with a partner organization team, made up of other participating Street Bodhis-in-Training as well as staff from your partner organization.
Step 3. Attend Mentoring with 108 Monkeys
We’ll never leave you hanging! Street Bodhis-in-Training meet with 108 Monkeys staff and with their team during the program to continue training, share success, discuss challenges and work together to design responsive yoga programs and implement those programs in our partner sites.
Step 4. Participate in Outreach Teaching
Hit the ground running! During this program you will teach yoga and mindfulness tools, as designed by your team, at your partner organization.
Step 5. Graduate
Celebrate! Get together with other Street Bodhis-in-Training and staff from partner organizations to share yoga, pictures and stories from the field.

Fee: $308
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